Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eh, B.C.

Hello. My name is BobbleRyan. I have one name like Madonna, Cher, Prince and ALF. I'm going on a trip across bits and pieces of Canada. I hope to see some mounties riding horses, beavers gnawing on logs and drink maple syrup from a tree.

The last time I went on a trip somewhere I ran out of money. I still managed to get a postcard off to my auntie. It had a beautiful picture of palm trees and some poor shlub dressed up as a corporate mouse mascot. I thought it was a nice postcard. But my auntie was kind of mad because I was in Seattle, not California.I spent too much on poutine so I'm too broke for postcards. So I've started a blog. It's free (just as long as I lurk through urban neighbourhoods to find wireless hotspots).

Anyway, thanks for joining me on my journey to seek out the Great [Western] Canadian experience.